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“Steer Clear of These 5 Common Gel Polish Mistakes: A Beginner’s Guide”

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Here at The Parent Game, we’ve seen our fair share of gel polish mishaps. From bubbly finishes to peeling manicures, beginners often make these common mistakes when trying their hand at at-home gel manicures. But fear not, we’re here to help you avoid these pitfalls and achieve a flawless gel mani every time.

1. Skipping the Base Coat:
One of the biggest mistakes beginners make with gel polish is skipping the all-important base coat. This crucial step not only helps the gel polish adhere better to the nail, but it also helps protect your natural nails from damage. Without a base coat, your gel manicure is more likely to chip, peel, or lift prematurely. So make sure to always start with a smooth and even layer of base coat before applying your color.

2. Applying Too Thick of a Coat:
Another common mistake we see is beginners applying the gel polish too thickly. Not only does this make the polish more prone to bubbling and uneven curing, but it can also lead to longer drying times and a less durable finish. To avoid this, always remember to apply thin, even coats of gel polish, curing each layer under a UV or LED lamp as directed.

3. Not Capping the Edges:
Capping the edges of your nails may seem like a small detail, but it can make a big difference in the longevity of your gel manicure. By adding a small amount of polish along the edge of your nail, you help seal in the color and prevent it from lifting or peeling. Don’t forget to cap the edges of each nail before curing for a clean and long-lasting finish.

4. Over-Curing:
Over-curing your gel polish can lead to a multitude of issues, including discoloration, shrinkage, and brittleness. It’s important to follow the recommended cure times for each layer of gel polish to ensure a smooth and even finish. If you’re unsure of the correct curing times, always refer to the instructions that come with your gel polish kit.

5. Not Properly Sealing the Free Edge:
One last common mistake beginners make with gel polish is not properly sealing the free edge of their nails. This area is the most prone to chipping and peeling, so it’s crucial to make sure the gel polish is fully wrapped around the edge of each nail. This will help prevent water and other elements from seeping under the polish and causing premature lifting.

So there you have it, five common mistakes beginners make with gel polish and how to avoid them. With a little practice and attention to detail, you’ll be able to achieve a flawless gel manicure that lasts for weeks. Happy polishing!

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  • Nail Lamp: This nail lamp has 3 curing modes, 5s, 30s, 60s, one minute to cure gel nail polish. And it contains 30 led small light beads and can cure each nail in all directions. Smart nail lamp, hand in, the light is on; hand out, the light is off.
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  • 【All Seasons Gel Nail Polish Colors】 From the trendy "Hot Pink" and classic nude shades to autumnal orange, red, green, and even bold purple and blue, MEFA 32 colors gel polish kit collection covers it all. Sparkling champagne gold adds a touch of glamour, while pure white is perfect for french manicures. Ideal for beginners, this range lets you practice various nail art styles at home.
  • 【Rapid Curing 48W Nail Lamp】 Experience lightning-fast drying times with the powerful 48W nail lamp, without compromising the health of your skin. The LED lamp features three adjustable timer settings (30s/60s/90s) to ensure a precise and convenient DIY manicure experience. The auto sensors on the lamp control the light, turning it on/off when you insert/withdraw your hands, effectively saving energy. Gel nail kit also includes an easy-to-use nail brush, ensuring smooth, bubble-free application
VANREESA 42 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light 24 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set Green Blue Purple Pink Orange Complete Gel Nail Kit with Manicure Tools Gifts for Women DIY at Home
  • 【Professional 24 Colors Gel Nail Kit for You】 VANREESA gel nail polish kit comes in a beautiful gift box and contains 24 bottles of 8ml gel nail polish, 8ml base coat, 8ml glossy & matte top coat, nail lamp, essential manicure tools and some beautiful nail art decorations. This gel nail polish kit with u v light contains all the necessary tools for both professionals and hobbyists to easily enjoy their own manicure at home!
  • 【Spring & Summer Hot Gel Polish Colors】 Hand-picked by VANREESA, the 24 colors in this gel nail polish kit include the most popular colors of the moment for any occasion or festive event. This gel nail polish set contains white, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, glitter and more, you can choose any color to match and create a unique nail art style. No need to struggle with color choices anymore, this gel nail polish kit contains all the colors you need, come and start your color journey!
  • 【Healthy & Long Lasting Manicure】 VANREESA gel nail polish ingredients are made of natural resins, which are safe, non-toxic and low-odor, so you can use them with confidence. VANREESA gel nail polish is silky smooth, brightly colored and easy to apply, so even beginners can master its use. Prepare well before you start (shaping, buffing, cleaning) and follow the correct steps in the manicure instructions and your nail art will last for 21+ days!
MEFA 60 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light, 42 Colors All Seasons Collection Nude Colorful Gel Polish Essential Set with 5 Psc Matte/Glossy Base Top Coat, Cuticle Remover, DIY Salon for Women
  • 👉【What You Get】: MEFA 2024 Upgraded gel nail kit includes 42 X 7ml Differents Colors Gel Polish, 5 X 7ml No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat, 1 X 48W LED Nail Lamp, 1 X 15ml Instant Cuticle Remover, 1 X 5g Cuticle Oil Pen, 2 X False Nail Swatches, 8 X Professional Gel Manicure Tool (with Manicure Tool Organizer/Nail File/Nail Buffer/Cuticle Fork/Cuticle Pusher/Nail Brush/ Nail Clipper/Nail Separators ). you can achieve the best salon looking gel mani at home for a small fee.
  • 👉【Iconic and Trendsetting Colors】: MEFA nail color trends 2024 - 2025 Popular All Seasons is a collection of modern shades, Well-selected 42 of the most iconic and trendsetting colors, make a bold statement, suitable for any holiday, special event and daily routine life, 42 Colors including popular pink glitter gray neutral nude Skin Tonesred black blue purple brown sparkle gel polish. No more struggling to choose colors.
  • 👉【Powerful 48W Nail Lamp】: Ultra-fast drying U V light LED nail dryer with 3 timer setting auto sensor for fingernail, curing speed up to 2X faster than other nail lamp. Dual light source design with 365nm + 405nm wavelength, Non-harmful to eyes and Non-blacken to skin. High-quality 60 PCS LED beads with 50,000+ hours lifespan test, longer service life last up to 5 years. Suitable for almost all nail gels.
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  • 【5 In 1 Multipurpose Glue Gel】:This Multi-functional Nail Gel is not only for nail tips adhesive, but also can be used as Base Gel! Moreover, it can be used as blooming gel, rhinestone and slip solution. 9 Toxin-Free Ingredient makes it healthy and low odor. No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails.
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JODSONE 23 PCS Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light Popular Color with Durable Base Coat Matte Glossy Top Coat
  • You Will Get: 23 bottles of gel kit with a capacity of 5 ml, 20 bottles of colored gel, 3 bottles of base coat, glossy coat, matte top coat. And a lightweight nail lamp and manicure tools.
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  • Nail Lamp: This product has 3 curing modes; 5s, 30s and 60s, normally the gel curing time is 60s-120s, so that the gel will be more solid and long lasting. And the nail lamp has no bottom, thus, it is convenient for toe nail art.
Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light 48W Nail Dryer 7 Nude Colors Gel Nail Polish Set, Base Top Coat, Nail Primer & Decorations Gel Nail Kit Manicure DIY Nail Art Salon Home Gift For Women
  • ★SALON AT HOME: Full upgraded gel nail polish kit with 48W Led light includes all of the DIY components you need in this Complete Kit, you can enjoy doing your nails at home with this gel nail polish set without the concern of overspending at the nail salon.
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  • ★ELEGANT GIFT FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: If you’re looking for a gift for a family member or friend for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day then this is a decent choice. Well packaged and ready to gift, this is a practical, beautiful gift that will be loved by all who receive it.
Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light 68 Pcs Emotional Spectrum 35 Colors Gel Polish Nail Kit with Base and Matte&Glossy Top Coat Soak Off All Season Gel Nail Kit Manicure Tools Gifts for Women
  • 【68 PCS Gel Nail Polish Set】This is a Complete Gel Nail Polish Kit with super multi-color gel nail polish.It includes 35 bottles of classic、all season gel nail polish, 1 bottle of base coat, 1 bottle of no wipe top coat, matte top coat, 1 bottle of glitter top coat, a professional nail lamp, and 31pcs nail tools.The nail set has all the colors you need, You don’t need to go to a nail salon anymore, you can enjoy doing your nails at home as a gift and create all kinds of beautiful nail styles.
  • 【One Set for All Nail Art】The 35-Color kit suits every season well, covering all colors: black, white, red,pink, green, blue, nude, glitter, yellow, orange, brown, and so on. Made of non-toxic ingredients which makes the gel nail polish safe and low odor. It can be matched with different styles of clothing, and can accompany you to the workplace, outdoors, rural scenery, seaside vacation. Under the proper application, nail art beauty keeps 3~4 weeks with perfect shine.
  • 【Super Fast Nail Lamp】 With high-performance technology for curing various UV LED gel nail polish and base coat. 30 lamp beads, all-round uniform curing, saving you precious time and providing flawless salon-level results, with 3 timer settings, 30s, 60s,90s, you can avoid unnecessary waiting. In addition, the automatic sensor on the lamp controls the light, turning on/off the light when you insert/unplug your hand, effectively saving energy and the lamp has a longer service life.
GAOY Poly Gel Nail Kit with U V Light Starter Kit, 6 Pcs Builder Gel Nail Extension Kit for Beginners with Everything Nail Art DIY
  • Fast Extension: 6 essential poly gel colors to provide a base for all kinds of gel polish colors with precise color labels on the tube for a better using experience.
  • Package Includeds: 6 poly gel colors of 0.53oz (15g) each + nail lamp + top coat & base coat + manicure set. Beginning all-in-one poly gel nail kit to enjoy nail art from the comfort of your own home!
  • Toxics-Free: Lower odor compared to traditional nail polish. All ingredients in strict compliance with the FD&C Act and SGS certification.
Modelones Gel Nail Manicure Kit With u v Light 48w Led Lamp Starter Kit, 6 Colors Nude Neutral Soak Off Nail Gel Polish Set Base & Top Coat Professional Tools For Beginners At Home Nail Curing Gift
  • 【Complete Gel Nail Kit】Modelones 18 PCS gel nail polish kit with U V light contains everything you need to become your own nail artist. Including 6 x shades of super versatile nude soak off gel nail polish, 1 x 48w fast curing lamp, 3 x no wipe base & glossy matte top coat, 8 x nail art accessories kits, a delicate complete kit for you to enjoy making salon-like nail art at home with effortless price!
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  • 【ALL-IN-1 Gel Nail Kit】: beetles gel nail polish kit includes 45*5ml trendy colors gel polish, 5*7.5ml No Wipe Base and Glossy&Matte&pearlescent glitter Top Coat,24W LED Nail Lamp,7.5ml cuticle oil, 7.5ml instant cuticle remover, 3*False Nail Swatches, 5*nail stickers, 2*nail art rhinestones,manicure tool organizer, 100pcs nail wipes, 20pcs nail remover foil wraps, 9*Professional Gel Manicure Tool (with Nail File/Nail Buffer/Cuticle Pusher/Nail Brush/Nail Clipper/Nail Tweezers/Nail Separator).
  • 【Chic Outfits Colors】: This 45-color gel nail polish kit includes all the trendy colors you could want, making it the perfect set for both professionals and enthusiasts to enjoy salon-quality nails at home. Each color allow beginners to explore their own stories through nail art designs. From serene blues to joyful yellows, passionate reds, and mysterious purples, you can find the perfect nail color to match any mood or outfit.
  • 【Ideal Gift for Her】: Beetles 45 colors gel polish starter kit thoughtfully includes some amazing products.Cuticle remover will make the nail design long-lasting. Nail swatchs Perfect for mixing and matching different styles.This at-home nail kit comes with Cotton pads and Plastic storage container for easy organization and makes for a wonderful surprise for any nail enthusiast.All of these making it the perfect gift for any occasion.
Modelones 12 Colors Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light 48w LED Nail Dryer Lamp/Gel Base and Top Coat/Nail Art Tools/Glitter Sequins Rhinestones Essential Manicure Kit for Women
  • Modelones Gel Nail Polish: Modelones Gel Nail Polish Kit with 48W U V Light Nail Lamp, 12 X Gorgeous Colors Soak Off Gel Polish (7ml each bottle), 1 x No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat (10ml each bottle), 6 X Classic Colors Holographic Nail Art Glitters, 9 X Professional Manicure Tools, 2 X Nail Art Striping Tape Lines, 1 X Butterfly Nail Stickers, 250 X Rhinestone Nail Gems.
  • Ultra-Fast Drying In 30-60s: Upgraded powerful 48W U V nail lamp effectively dry gel in 30s, evenly heated with a moderate temperature, skin-friendly. The samrt nail dryer lamp contain 3 timer modes 30s/60s/90s, automatically turn off, exact cure base coat/gel nail polish/top coat/other nail gels at one stroke.
  • 28 Day long lasting &Bubble Free: 6 colors soak off gel nail polish present you with upgraded superb bonding adhesive technology, effectively squeeze out the air and prevent the generation of bubbles. Our exclusive easy-glide brush for quick, easy, even, professional application on nails, merely spending 3 mins then get perfect nail and long lasting for 28+ days under full application.
AILLSA Gel Nail Kit Short Almond Nail Tips 240pcs with 2 In 1 Nail Glue Base Coat and Nail Dehyrator, Soft Gel Full Nail Kit with Nail Lamp Top Coat for Starters Home Salon
  • “DONE” IN ONE SET - Get everything done with just one kit! Say goodbye to tedious searching and the struggle of finding everything you need. The nail tips kit is more cost-effective. It not only includes 3 bottles functional gel for durability and glossiness, also matching nail tips for better nail shaping. And it comes with 2 bottles jelly gel polish to create beautiful nail styles. Get professional-level nails even at your own home with our all-in-one soft gel nail kit. Suitable for beginners!
  • DUAL PROTETION FOR “ADHESION” - For better adhesion, our gel tips nail kit includes a Nail Prep Dehyrator and a Nail Glue. The former can clean the nail surface and remove any oil or debris that can weaken the bonding between adhesive and nail. The latter is made of natural resin material with strong adhesion. Dual protection to ensure adhesion for your nails, prolonging the longevity of your nail design. Moreover, our nail glue can be used as base coat, buy one get two, so worthy!
  • ALL-MATCH COLORS - The gel nail tips kit includes two colors jelly gel polish: milky white and light pink, matching any outfit or occasion. Two colors can also be paired with each other to create your own nail style. The color depth depends on your nail base color and the number of layers you apply, the fewer layers the more sheer and the more layers the more vibrant. Adding the top coat will give your nails a shiny protective finish and prevent scratches from damaging your beautiful nails.
Modelones Poly Gel Nail Kit - 6 Colors Poly Nails Extension Gel Kit Nude Clear Black Pink Complete Starter Kit with Nail Lamp for Beginner Nail Thickening Solution DIY for Women
  • ❤【MODELONES POLY GEL NAIL KIT】:Modelones 6 colors poly gel nail kit included 6*15g poly nail extension gel, 6w mini nail lamp, 10ml base top coat set, 48pcs dual nail forms in 12 sizes, 2*nail tips clips, nail file, nail dust brush pen. The flexible and portable nail kit comes with everything and is easy to carry, so you can do manicure anytime, anywhere at home or while traveling.
  • ❤【HIGH ENDURANCE AND LONG LASTING】: Our poly gel featuring innovative all Relieved Ingredients ingredients and botanical extracts formula, to gives nails high endurance & long-lasting strength, which is low odor, safe on natural nails. Under the proper application, extend your nails and show them off for more than 21 days!
  • ❤【QUICKLY DRY UNDER NAIL LAMP】: High-quality LED beads with 50,000+ hours lifespan test, longer service life last up to 5 years. Though the 6w mini nail lamp is tiny and light, it is powerful, gives you unimpeded curing almost all nail art gel, such as base top gel & nail glue, gel nail polish, builder nail gel, and nail extension gel.
Beetles Gel Nail Polish with Uv Light Starter Kit, 6 Colors Pastel Gel Polish with 3Pcs Base Gel Top Coat Spring Nail Art DIY Home Soak Off Led Gifts for Women Girls
  • 【What You Get】36w Nail lamp x 1, Gel polish 7.5ml x 6, Base coat 7.5ml x 1, Top coat 7.5ml x2 (glossy & matte), Cuticle oil 7.5ml x1, Nail cap handle x1, Cuticle trimmer x1, Cuticle pusher x1, Nail file x1, Nail buffer x1, Nail clipper x1, Nail separator x2 and Dust brush x1. Prepare everything you need for manicure salon experience DIY at home. Long lasting for 21+ days with perfect shine under proper application.
  • 【New Nail Trend】Beetles gel polish starter kit Poetic Vision Collection includes 6 attractive and beautiful Muted Pastel Pink Purple Blue Grey colors, which are always stay on trend and suitable for all seasons and skins, perfect for girls and women who love manicure. Care for the beauty of her fingertips!
  • 【Healthy Manicure】Beetles All-in-One Gel Nail Polish Kit is prepared for all you need for Diy manicure at home, you could enjoy a Safer, Healthier and Affordable Home Nail Experience with Families and Friends, Saving Time and Money. 6 gorgeous colors of 9 Toxin Free formula gel polish set with low odor - No harsh ingredients or adhesives that lead to damaged nails.
Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light - 68 Pcs Set 35 Colors Pink Glitter Nude Gray Gel Polish with Base and Matte&Glossy Top Coat Vivid Seasons Gel Nail Set Nail Art Manicure Tools Gifts
  • 【ALL-IN-ONE Gel Nail Kit】: This 68PCS All-in-one Nail Kit includes Gel Polish 5ml*35 Base coat 7.5ml*1 Glossy top coat 7.5ml*1 Matte top coat 7.5ml*1 Glitter top coat 7.5ml*1 Cuticle oil 7.5ml*1 Cuticle remover 12ml*1 UV/LED nail lamp with adapter*1 Tweezers*1 Nail separators*2 Cuticle pusher*1 Nail dust brush*1 Handle Grip Nail Brush*1 Nail file*1 Nail buffer*1 Nail clipper*1 Nail swatches*2 Nail clips*5 Nail decorations*2 French tip nail stickers*3 Nail stickers*2 Remover Foil Wraps*1(20pcs) Cotton pads*1(100pcs) Plastic storage container*1.
  • 【Perfect Gift for Girl&Women】: Our beetles gel nail polish kit with UV light has a range of beautiful colors to choose from, making it the perfect gift for any occasion. It can be matched with different styles of clothing, and can accompany you to the workplace, outdoors, rural scenery, seaside vacation. Under the proper application, nail art beauty keeps 3~4 weeks with perfect shine.
  • 【Upgraded UV Nail Lamp】: With a powerful 24W high power and 30 lamp beads, this nail dryer is designed to cure all types of UV and LED gel polishes, ensuring quick and even drying in record time. The innovative infrared sensor function automatically turns the lamp on when your hand is inserted, making the curing process a breeze.Three convenient curing settings, 30s, 60s, and 120s, are perfect for a quick touch-up or a thorough curing session.If you feel a burning sensation during curing, it is recommended to remove your hand from the lamp. Resume curing once the sensation returns to normal.
JEWHITENY Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit 14 PCS Poly Gel With Mini Nail Lamp Poly Nail Gel Kit with Slip Solution Basic Poly Gel Nail Art Tools Nail Art Design Beginner Kit
  • JEWHITENY:We specialize in gel nail polish sets, one-stop shopping, saving you the time of choosing other odds and ends. The selection of all nail polish colors is inspired by the current popular color aesthetics, which is in line with your four seasons and different occasions.
  • JEWHITENY Poly Gel Nail Kit: 14 colors poly nail extension gel kit included 14*12ml poly nail gel, 6W mini nail lamp,Nail water and some other nail tools.Provide convenience for you to do nail salon anytime, anywhere.
  • Mini Nail Lamp:The mini gel nail polish curing light is compact in pocket size with a USB cable. Compatible With All Kinds Of Gel Nail Polish,including all brand’s base coat, top coat, hard builder gel, poly nail gel, rhinestone glue etc. Big enough space for your fingernails and toenails.
JEWHITENY 43PCS Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light 120W LED Nail Lamp 40 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set Manicure Tools All-In-One Nail Gel Kit
  • All-In-One Gel Nail Starter Kit: This kit provide essential manicure tools, popular 40 colors gel nail polish, 120W nail lamp, with base coat glossy/matte top coat and nail art manicure tools, suitable for professional nail salon, and DIY at home.
  • 120W Super Fast Nail Lamp: Powerfully and Efficiently, this lamp has 36 quality LEDS that can maximally save your 70% curing time. It can perfectly cure all kinds of UV/LED gel products. With smart auto sensor and LCD display screen, 4 timers easy to use. Detachable bottom design for curing toes and big space to enhance experience.
  • Healthy And Non-Toxic Ingredients: This gel nail polish kit includes 40 beautiful gel colors, and base coat, top coat, matte top coat, all gels have low odor-no irritating ingredients or adhesive ingredients that can cause nail damage, healthy and harmless.

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