Watch Now: Kevin Hart Stars in Netflix's New Triller Film 'Lift'

In an exhilarating blend of tension and thrill, Netflix unveils its latest cinematic offering – “Lift”. This riveting heist thriller is a standout in the genre, presenting a unique fusion of elements that have rarely been seen together – a high-stakes theft and a hijacked plane. Crafted by the talented writer Daniel Kunka and brought to life by F. Gary Gray, the renowned director of “The Fate of the Furious”, “Lift” charts an audacious plot by the master thief, Cyrus Whittaker (played by Kevin Hart), to pilfer a staggering $100 million worth of gold… while on a moving passenger plane!

“Lift” boasts a star-studded ensemble that includes performances by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Viveik Kalra, Yun Jee Kim, and Sam Worthington. The million-dollar question that hooks viewers is – what could possibly go awry with such a daring heist? The suspense is palpable and the excitement is contagious. This Netflix original is truly the epitome of edge-of-your-seat entertainment. Don’t miss the high-flying action and suspense of “Lift”!

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